Life Insurance​

Safeguard your family’s long-term financial security.

The cornerstone of almost any financial plan is life insurance. Life insurance provides security to your family and gives peace of mind should life go off the rails.

Most of my clients buy life insurance to protect their family’s standard of living. Businesses use it to insure key employees and fund their buy sell agreements. Life Insurance is truly one of the most versatile financial products ever invented.

Who should consider life insurance?

Term and Whole life

While most people are familiar with term insurance, there is another type of policy called Whole Life,  that in addition to providing insurance, provides a safe and systematic way to save money on a tax-favored basis. Though we generally think of life insurance as protection, many have discovered that the accumulation feature of whole life can generate very competitive returns. These are not the ‘traditional’ whole life policies from the past, but ones that capitalize on the tax advantages of whole life and maximize the investment values. Unlike term, which only lasts for a set number of years, whole life will provide protection for as long as you live.

We’ve spent the better part of 30 years helping people and businesses protect their families and financial interests with life insurance.  When you’re ready to get life insurance, we’re going to be a trusted place for you. A place where you can get simple clear answers to questions and you won’t have to search a million sites.

Three excellent reasons to let James Greco Associates help you with your life insurance planning:

  • If you want to add new life insurance
  • if you’d like to review your existing life policies to see if they still fit your changing circumstances
  • If you’d like more information on term or whole life insurance

Contact us to set up a personalized life insurance needs analysis at no cost.

Set Up a Personalized Life Insurance Needs Analysis at No Cost
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