Who We Are

A genuine interest in what’s best for people.

As the owner of James Greco Associates, I’m committed to helping you succeed at what matters to you in life. You have employees and family who count on you to get it right. I’m here to help you keep those promises. As a partner and trusted advisor committed to the same goals and aspirations you hold, I’ll help you navigate the financial challenges that can keep you up at night.

My passion for life and helping people started early as a kid working in my dad’s grocery store. He was personable, but even more, he genuinely cared about people. As a family, the relationships we had with our customers made our corner market much more than just another store with great food and produce. My dad was always willing to go the extra mile for customers because he knew it was important to them—whether it was extending credit or getting a delivery out after hours, if it was important to them, it mattered to him. Food, family and work were the stuff of our life and we were all in.

When I opened my insurance business in Monterey in 1985, I brought these mom and pop values with me. My business is still personal and relationship-based and people know they can count on me whether they bought yesterday or 30 years ago. I’ve sought to carve out a practice centered on integrity and doing right by my clients. That I have been successful, and with my wife, able to raise four beautiful children, has only been possible because I have clients who share our same principles and ideals. I am forever grateful for their long-term loyalty and trust.

Feel free to give me a call. I’d love to hear your thoughts and learn more about how I can help you create a financial future you’re passionate about.